It’s the Small Things: Recycle Bottle Caps at Your Apartment

Bottle Caps

We use a lot of plastic in our daily lives, and most of that can be recycled and reused. Often, we forget about things like bottle caps when we go to recycle, but those caps add up and represent a huge pile of plastic that can be recycled. Here are some things you should know about recycling your bottle caps. First, remove the cap from your plastic containers. … [Read more...]

The Best Green Brands of 2014 for Eco-Friendly Shopping

Ford Motor Company

There are plenty of companies who have gone green over the past decade. The following are definitely ones that stand out. When it comes to eco-friendly shopping tips, we're proud to recommend the following brands for you to consider: Ford: Made in America, and made in such a way that their cars are now models of efficiency and eco-friendly design. The … [Read more...]

Is Your Favorite Golf Course as Green as It Seems?

How Green Is Golf?

It can be a lot of fun to hit the greens with your friends during the summer. From the rest and relaxation to the thrill of a hole in one, golf is one of America's favorite summer games. However, the game has a pretty big impact on the environment and if you can, you're better off playing on a course that is eco-friendly, especially in areas where water … [Read more...]