Why Our Plastic Use is a Problem + Video

Plastic problem.

This week I started a series about electronic recycling--learn why electronic waste is a problem--but I'm going to take a break and finish up the series next week. For what reason? To show you a moving video about why the current plastic use in the U.S. is not OK for our environment. The video is slightly over five minutes long and does have some images of birds … [Read more...]

The Basics of Electronic Recycling – Why?

Electronic waste.

This is the first part of the Sares-Regis Management Company's series on recycling electronics. Next week, I'll talk about a way you can make money by recycling the computers, cell phones and other devices you no longer use. First, do you realize how big of a problem electronics cause for our world? Electronic waste is a growing phenomenon--one that is greatly … [Read more...]

The Earth-Friendly Way to Clean up after Your Dog

Biodegradable Pet Waste Bags.

One thing all pet owners must deal with is poop. The dog waste  issue is more important for apartment dwellers because they live so close to lots of people, and they share common property. Luckily, eco-friendly pet owners have options. What Should Pet Owners do with Pet Waste? First of all, it's important to pick up your pooch's waste because likely other people … [Read more...]