SRG Reports Energy Savings at ‘Green Day’ Celebration

LEED Certification.

Personnel at SRG Corporate know how to save energy and be green. They cut 14 percent off their average monthly electricity bills in the first year of the company’s stepped-up commitment to sustainable business operations. The announcement came at Sares-Regis's 2nd Annual Green Day. Company employees were congratulated for their success in cutting water and … [Read more...]

Good Ideas to Stop Using Paper Towels in Your Apartment

Recycled paper napkins

Although it may seem that paper towels are necessary, they really are not. If you want to lead a sustainable apartment life, you should try to at least cut down on your paper usage. If you must use paper products, at least make sure they are made from 100 percent recycled materials. When you spill something on the counter or floor in your apartment, do … [Read more...]

SRG Apartment Living: Low-Flow Shower Heads Save Water + Money

Low flow faucet, go green

Installing low-flow shower heads in your apartment is one easy way to save money and save our precious commodity, water. Sares-Regis apartments made a commitment to install these eco-friendly gadgets in the apartment communities they manage in California, Arizona and Colorado. A typical shower uses up to 25 gallons of water, according to the EPA. Low-flow … [Read more...]