10 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Apartment


Fresh off of World Water Day we've been constantly thinking of ways to conserve water. We know that living a green lifestyle in an apartment poses certain challenges, but just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you that you can't conserve one of our most precious natural resources. If you are looking for ways to conserve water in your apartment consider … [Read more...]

7 Reasons to Use Natural Pet Care Products


If you are taking steps to transition into an eco-friendly lifestyle you're probably already knowledgeable on recycling, ways to save energy and the benefits of eating locally. One way you can go green that you probably didn't think of is by using natural pet care products. Just as you've began using products with natural ingredients in other areas of your life … [Read more...]

Host A Green Cleaning Party In Your Apartment

green cleaning

Most household cleaners are harmful for a variety of reasons. A better option is to make your own products, so that you know what goes into them. The best thing about this idea is how easy it really is! Why not host a green cleaning party in your apartment and learn how it's done with your friends and neighbors... Before you host your own eco-friendly party, … [Read more...]