5 Foods You Have In Your Apartment That Could Be On Your Face

We’re all about natural solutions for apartment living on this eco-friendly blog. I’ve been minimalizing the amount of beauty products I use because so many of the ones we think we need aren’t necessary.  Also, many popular products contain a crazy amount of chemicals that can be harmful to our bodies.

I especially love finding ways to use items I already have in my apartment. This way I can lead a more green life without spending too much money. So, when I discovered a blog called Crunchy Betty that talks about ways to use food as beauty products, I immediately knew I’d enjoy it. After all, having fun with food is almost as fun as a full-blown food fight.

Food Items That You Can Use As Beauty Products


Strawberries and other common foods make good beauty products.

Strawberries. How fun would it be to rub strawberries all over your face? Crunchy Betty says they get rid of oil, work as an antioxidant and even whiten teeth. See more ways to use them.

Baking soda makes a good and easy face scrub. Make it into a paste with distilled water and leave it on your face for 10 minutes. She’ll tell you how to do it.

Honey controls breakouts and can be added to the face scrub above.

Olive oil can be rubbed on your face or used in your hair.

Yogurt brightens your face and is a good moisturizer.

Do you have these items in your apartment right now? Would you use them on your face?

Photo Credit: Ellmist

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