The Green Way to Send Holiday Cards Without Leaving Your Apartment

Apartment dwellers who want to send holiday cards without being wasteful and with a concern for our environment should read this post for helpful tips and resources.

Eco friendly cards

The trees will thank you.

Many people love writing and sending holiday cards (or cards right before the new year). Sending cards gives you a chance to let your friends and family know about your happenings and provide them with other interesting bits of personalized information.

If you’re an eco-conscious apartment dweller, you might wonder about the waste created by sending all those cards. First of all, sending tangible cards is certainly not always a waste. Sending a standard card with no personalized message, though, does seem like a waste to me. If you’re going to use trees, please do so wisely and with thought.

The cards below are sustainable and ethical.

Handmade Holiday Cards That Are Green Too

Global Exchange offers socially conscious gifts. They have several environmentally-sustainable handmade cards were made by and help support young people in Rwanda who have lost their parents to conflict or disease.

Trees for Life logo

Save our trees.

Cards That Actually Increase the Amount of Trees

Earth Greetings offer cards that give back to the environment. THEY give $1.65 from every card pack they sell to Trees For Life to plant one tree for every pack sold.

Holiday Cards That You Can Plant

Botanical Paperworks offers handmade cards embedded with wildflower seeds that grow when planted in soil.

Charity E-Cards That Don’t Waste Paper

The Giving Buddy allows you to send customizable e-cards that also make a donation to a charity when you send it. You can also share your card through Facebook and Twitter or e-mail, of course.

Will you send eco-friendly cards this year?

Thanks to Ecobellus, a green living blog, and A Simple Green World for help creating this post.

Sares-Regis is a eco-friendly residential real estate development and property management company. Want to live in one of our apartment communities? They are located in California, Arizona and Colorado.

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