Eco-Friendly Reasons to Pick Up After Your Pet


Dogs and cats provide an enormous amount of joy for the families that share their homes with them. They are companions, friends, and playmates. Of course, they also generate a tremendous amount of waste that adds up throughout the year. Of all of the eco-friendly pet tips you will ever read, none is more important than remembering to pick up after your pets … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Toys for Playing Tug of War With Your Pet

eco-friendly pet toys

Frequently a good pet toy is what helps you keep your household balanced. Unfortunately, with so many choices, you can make a mistake, and both you and your pet could pay dearly. Here are some great eco-friendly pet tips that can help you choose the safest and best toys for your pal. cautions that bumpers (fetching batons) were found to contain … [Read more...]

Natural Dog Treats Delivered to Your Apartment Door


When it comes to eco-friendly pet tips, the advice is pretty clear; if it contains chemicals or toxins, then your pet doesn't need to have it anywhere near him. Here are a couple of places where you can find the products and treats that won't harm your pet and will keep him healthy for years to come. Only Natural Pet Store - Dogs love to snack, and this … [Read more...]