How to Choose the Best Natural Beauty Products

Now that you’ve gone green have you been making a conscious effort to purchase eco-friendly and organic beauty products, but with so many options on the market you’re having a hard time figuring out what’s really sustainable?  While it can be tricky to spot what items are truly green, remember these tips when it comes to choosing the best natural beauty products:


  • Read the ingredients list. The majority of natural products will have pronounceable ingredients.
  • Remember that not all organic products are created equal. The USDA organic seal will only be on all goods that are at least 95% certified organic.
  • Check for the Natural Seal of approval which doesn’t mean that the ingredients are organic, but that they are largely plant or mineral-based.
  • Check your product with the Environmental Working Group’s ranking to see how how it ranks on the group’s safety scale to see how green it really is.

Now that you know what to look for be confident as you head out and pick up an arsenal of new natural beauty products!

Source: The Daily Green

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