How to Green Your Holiday Grocery Shopping

How to Green Your Holiday Grocery Shopping

The holidays are almost here and now is the time to start planning your family celebrations. At the core of your gatherings, food will be the centerpiece everyone gathers around. The following green holiday tips are ones you just might want to put on the menu. Start your planning by organizing your menu. Determine a meal plan that makes the best use of … [Read more...]

4 Green Alternatives to Plastic Food Storage Containers

4 Green Alternatives to for Plastic Food Storage Containers

For more than thirty years, plastic has been the "go-to" storage solution within the kitchen. From Tupperware to Ziploc, plastic has made its mark in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it's also left a hefty mark on the environment, which is why you should consider the following green alternatives for use within your kitchen. Each are just as good as plastic, … [Read more...]

America Recycles Day: Handing in Old Electronics

America Recycles Day Handing in Old Electronics

They make our lives a lot easier, but the reality is that old gadgets and gizmos that have outlived their usefulness are a real environmental hazard we should all pay attention to. Fortunately, many people are taking note of this and participating in America Recycles Day to help minimize the impact of old phones, computers, and televisions on the ecosystem. This … [Read more...]