How to Make Your Greater LA Bedroom Eco-Friendly

soy candle

Most eco-friendly living guides emphasize the bathroom and kitchen, but in fact, you can make your bedroom more sustainable, too. Here's a look at how to make your bedroom eco-friendly, whether you have ten minutes to spare or an entire week. Choose soy candles instead of standard candles. They emit fewer smoky toxins into the air for a healthier home. … [Read more...]

6 Surprising Things You Can Recycle at Sares-Regis

flourescent bulbs

Aside from cans, bottles, glass, and paper, there are quite a few surprising things you can recycle at home. The following are six things you can recycle that you probably haven't ever thought about: Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. This is actually something that must be recycled. CFL's contain mercury when can leak and be released into the environment if … [Read more...]

Garden Ideas for Your LA Apartment Patio

gardening tools

The aromas that come from a patio garden are sure to get your appetite up this summer and now is a good time to decide what you're going to plant. The following are some ideas for apartment patio gardens that you can use to turn your little piece of the City of Angels, San Francisco, or Colorado into your very own Green Acres:  Start with a solid table … [Read more...]