Go Green with These Natural Ways to Clean


It doesn't take stacks of cleaners and gallons of chemicals to clean your home or apartment. All it takes is a little elbow grease and the right application of natural cleaning agents to get the job done. The following eco-friendly household tips and ingredients will help you keep your place spotless without giving you a chemical hangover. Essential … [Read more...]

Compost in Your Apartment Without the Smell

Compost in Your Apartment Without the Smell

Composting is good for the environment, and it's good for our landfills. Not only does it complete the food cycle, but every year, nearly 36 million tons of food waste is simply thrown in the trash and landfilled. This puts a considerable amount of strain on our eco-system. You can help reduce this strain by composting in your apartment. Here are … [Read more...]

It’s the Small Things: Recycle Bottle Caps at Your Apartment

Bottle Caps

We use a lot of plastic in our daily lives, and most of that can be recycled and reused. Often, we forget about things like bottle caps when we go to recycle, but those caps add up and represent a huge pile of plastic that can be recycled. Here are some things you should know about recycling your bottle caps. First, remove the cap from your plastic containers. … [Read more...]