How to Calculate Your Personal Carbon Footprint

In your efforts to go green have you come across the term carbon footprint and tips on how to lower it more than you can remember? If so and you still aren’t sure exactly what it means, it is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by an activity, organization or person. It’s important because it shows us how we impact the environment and reducing it essential to living within the means of our plant. But you can’t effectively reduce your carbon footprint until you know what it is.

If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle the first step is to calculate it, and you can do so with the Carbon Footprint Calculator from By entering information on your family size, transportation, shopping and housing habits you can discover your footprint for each section, as well as your overall footprint. Once everything is calculated you can see how you fare against other households as well as the global average, and you can even make a personal pledge to lower each section

To find out what your carbon footprint is head over to now so you can be on your way to lowering it!

Image from Tree Hugger



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